EXPLR Classroom is a single platform for educational videos, lesson plans, and professional development. We enable teachers to focus on helping students catch up, get ahead, and accelerate learning.


EXPLR Classroom's comprehensive curriculum-based videos cover all core subjects for students age 9 - 15. Easy-to-implement lesson plans created in partnership with World Savvy accompany every video and reduce teacher planning time by at least 50%. All lessons are suitable for in-class and remote learning.


With nearly 20 years experience creating factual programming, the team behind EXPLR Media knows exactly how to make videos that spark curiosity and conversation. 

EXPLR videos and lessons cover: Core Learning (e.g. STEM, Social Studies, Arts Ed), Career Exploration, Financial Literacy, Social-Emotional Learning, Mental Health and Well-being, and more.

Videos feature diverse, global perspectives to cultivate empathy and understanding. “Knowledge to Action” lessons integrate global competency into classroom instruction.


EXPLR aims to be highly useful for all learners. Our web-based platform supports students who require assistive technology.

We provide English captions for deaf/hard of hearing students and Spanish subtitles for English language learners. Student worksheets are provided in English and Spanish. Arabic, Mandarin, and Korean subtitles are being regularly added to our videos. If you would like to request additional languages please email us schools@explr-media.com.


The Lexile Framework® for Reading is a scientific approach to measuring both reading ability and the text complexity of reading materials on the same developmental scale. Educators use Lexile measures to match students with text, putting them on the path to success in school, college and careers. The Lexile range provided should only be considered an estimated Lexile range for the vocabulary used in each video.

We are in the process of matching students with audio content at their listening level. Resources for Lexile-measured audio and video content will be quickly growing. Plans are underway for educators, parents and students to be able to find audio/videos content matches via Lexile®.


EXPLR also provides low-cost student licensing for home use, distance and remote learning. This provides a flexible solution for long-term school closures or blended learning.


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EXPLR Media is a public-benefit corporation registered in the State of Delaware with offices in Brooklyn, NY.